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JUNE 11-12 2020


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11th-12th  JUNE, 2020


Grieghallen, Edvard Griegsplass 1, 5015 Bergen


This course is for providers who take care of patients. Whether you work as an emergency clinic physician, general practitioner/family physician, paramedic, surgeon, anesthesiologist,  or internist you’ll gain skills to help you take better care of your patients. 


If you haven’t heard of point of care ultrasound, it’s ultrasound performed by the clinician at the bedside. We’ll teach you how you can acquire valuable information about your patient with an ultrasound machine. Learn how bedside ultrasound can help you make better, faster and more precise clinical assessments. Learn also how ultrasound guidance can make procedures easier, safer, and faster to perform.


SonoNorway and SonoSweden have for the past years brought some of the worlds most outstanding lecturers to Norway and Sweden to stage amazing ultrasound education events. If you missed out, now is your chance to take part.


This time we aim to give every attendant max value, whether you are beginner or experienced. This will be two days shock full of ultrasound education, with a low instructor to participant ratio, dedicated medical student models (so no need to be your own models!) and all the time you need to learn the details hands-on. There is also lots of flexibility in the hands on sessions for you to concentrate on what you prefer.

The SonoScandinavia ticket gives you access also to all of the Euroson 2020 conference, including the Saturday 13 June sessions with academics giving lectures on relevant topics also for us, with parallel primary care, emergency medicine and thoracic medicine sessions.


Our aim is to make this the best SonoScandinavia ever. Our roster of amazing and famous educators are ready to serve:

Matt Dawson (US)  - @ultrasoundpod

Giovanni Volpicelli (IT) - @giovolpicelli

Vicki Noble (US) - @nobleultrasound

Gordon Johnson (US) - @pdxfutebol

Bob Jarman (UK) - @bob_jarman

Chris Yap (UK) - @casualtysrus

Raoul Breitkreutz (DE)

Felix Lorang (DE) - @GERpocus / @acutePOCUS

Jesper Danielson (SE) - @mud5hark

Troels Mengel-Jørgensen (DK) - @tmengelj

Camilla Aakjær Andersen (DK)

Morten Bøtker (DK) - @POCmanDK

Lars Jacobsen (NO) - @ketalars

Morten Glasø (NO)

Karoline Lund (NO)

Tomas Skei (NO)

Marius Christensen (NO)

Hans-Christian Myklestul (NO) - @hcmyklestul

Nils-Petter Oveland (NO)
Canh Le Nygaard (NO) - @GPsono

Bjarte Sørensen (NO) - @bjartesorensen


11 June, Thu


0810-0830: Coffee, registration

0830-0850: Intro

0850-0910: Why clinicians should do US

0910-0930: Why do aorta US

0930-0950: Why do DVT US

0950-1010: Why do lung US

1010-1030: Coffee break

1030-1050: Physics

1050-1110: Why do cardiac US

1110-1130: Why do advanced cardiac US

1130-1150: Why do RUQ US

1150-1210: Why do Renal US


1210-1300: Lunch

1300-1620: Hands on training in stations. Demonstrations on aorta, DVT, Lung, Cardiac, RUQ, Renal, Advanced cardiac US

12 June, Fri

0830-0850: How to educate yourself using online stuff

0850-0910: Why do US guided IV placement

0910-0930: Why do US guided nerve blocks

0930-0950: FAST

1000-1030: Coffee break

1030-1050: Why do obstetric US

1050-1110: Why do MSK US (Shoulder, Hands, Hips, Knees)

1110-1130: Why do MSK injections

1130-1150: Why do pediatric US

1150-1210: Why do appendicitis/SBO US


1210-1300: Lunch

1300-1800: Hands on training in stations. Demonstrations on FAST, RUQ, Renal, OB, MSK, MSK Injections, IV placement, nerve blocks, peds, appendicitis, ocular


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